Advantages of Being a Slower Triathlete

Advantages of Being a Slower Triathlete

There seems to be an endless supply of websites and blogs dedicated to helping triathletes become faster. They offer lots of advice on training, diet, equipment and more, all geared (pun intended) towards lowering your race time. But I have trouble finding sites and blogs that speak to my tribe – the middle and back of the packers – in a way that helps us to embrace who we are. With that in mind, I’d like to point out some of the benefits of being a slower triathlete. (Feel free to chime in with your own!)

  • Slower triathletes get more for their dollar. We all know that deep down triathlons are really just very expensive t-shirts, but if you’re going to shell out so much money for a race, why not get everything you can out of it. If you pay $100 to enter a triathlon and finish in two hours, you paid $50 and hour for the race. On the other hand, if you finish in three hours, you only paid $33.33 per hour for the same race. Look at the money you saved!
  • Slower triathletes have more people to root for them. When the faster triathletes finish a race, they have, if they’re fortunate, a few family, friends and race officials there to cheer them in. All the other potential cheerers are still out on the course. But, by the time the slower triathletes are finishing, the number of potential cheerers has grown by hundreds (thousands?). And because triathletes are such nice people, they cheer for you as you are striding down the chute with the best form you can conjure!
  • Slower triathletes have more “me” time. In this busy world, who doesn’t wish they could just get a little more time for themselves? Slower triathletes are able to find that time, because when they’re out on the course, there are no phones to answer, no errands to run, no children to haul around, no meals to prepare. This is quality time that we get to spend with ourselves.
  • Slower triathletes are the ones more likely to solve the world’s problems. As noted above, we live in a busy world. Time to have expansive thought processes is a very valuable commodity. But for a triathlete cruising their run at a 14:30 pace, there is plenty of time to contemplate the world and to really think through solutions for the benefit of all humanity. Someone running at a 5:30 clip doesn’t have that same luxury. 
  • Slow triathletes, should they have such a proclivity, have plenty of time and opportunity to view and appreciate countless derrieres as they are passed by them on the course. The human body is a marvel, and having the chance to view so many in their various shapes and sizes is an opportunity that faster triathletes are likely to miss.
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